Pentagon UFO report lands, so do memes and jokes: The place are the aliens?


Just like the X-Recordsdata finale, the Pentagon UFO report dissatisfied many.

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The reality remains to be on the market. On Friday, the US Pentagon report on UFOs finally came out, and it was about as disappointing because the X-Recordsdata collection finale. It is unlikely anybody anticipated little inexperienced aliens to return marching out of a flying saucer and provides an interview, however this report appeared unlikely to fulfill both true believers or whole skeptics.

“The restricted quantity of high-quality reporting on unidentified aerial phenomena hampers our capability to attract agency conclusions concerning the nature or intent of UAP,” a report abstract mentioned, with “UAP” and “unidentified aerial phenomena” changing the extra widespread “UFO/alien craft” terminology.

Among the unexplained sightings are doubtless sensor anomalies, and a few are doubtless “bodily objects,” the report says. Simply do not ask what these bodily objects are. Aside from one occasion that the report says doubtless was a “large, deflating balloon,” the duty pressure that dug into the mysteries lacks “ample data in our dataset to attribute incidents to particular explanations.”

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Pentagon’s UFO report is here, all the answers are not


Social media was not satisfied.

Report was a snooze

“The US government released its unclassified UFO report,” writer Nina L. Diamond tweeted. “To sum it up…. ‘What the hell is that?’ ‘We have no idea.'”

“How the hell does the government make aliens boring?” asked someone on Reddit.

Stay away, aliens

Some decided the aliens are too smart to get involved with our planet.

“Listen, aliens definitely exist and have probably been studying the human race for centuries trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with us,” said one Twitter user.

‘Deflating balloon’

That one incident described as a “deflating balloon” came in for some jokes and mentions, too.

“Shout-out to the deflated balloons out there just trying to do their thing. I feel ya,” was one response.

“I, too, have been identified as a large, deflating balloon,” said writer Ted Genoways.

We want to believe

The report, of course, offered a good opportunity to dig out ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, X-Files and other GIFs and images.

“This shit was released right before Independence Day” said one person, citing the 1996 alien-invasion movie. “Coincidence?? I think not!!”

And the precise creator of the X-Recordsdata TV present, Chris Carter, wrote a piece for The New York Times expressing his skepticism within the report.

“I believe in all chance this report will come and go, and with it the mainstream chatter round UFOs, till definitive proof is uncovered,” Carter wrote. “A planet that may’t come collectively on local weather change or a worldwide pandemic may not pay a lot consideration even when wreckage or an alien corpse is found.”

Plainly Carter, like the remainder of us, nonetheless desires to imagine, however Friday’s report did not actually assist.

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