Right here’s What Marjorie Taylor Greene Stated That Is Making Headlines – What do You Suppose?

Final week Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer lashed out at Republican Consultant Marjorie Taylor Greene (aka MTG) after her speech in entrance of an excited Arizona viewers in Mesa, Arizona with fellow Representatives Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs.

The Washington, DC Swamp outrage machine spewed out their typical bile following MTG’s speech the place she accused Democrats of performing like Nazis.

MTG said the next:

“You already know, we will look again in a time in historical past the place folks had been instructed to put on a gold star,” Greene mentioned as Brody, a right-wing commentator, nodded in sage settlement. “And so they had been undoubtedly handled like second-class residents — a lot in order that they had been put in trains and brought to fuel chambers in Nazi Germany, and that is precisely the kind of abuse that Nancy Pelosi is speaking about.”

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Properly, the exact same Democrat crowd that promotes the homicide of unborn infants, particularly black infants, within the identify of funding Deliberate Parenthood, sprang out of the gate to shriek their outrage on the audacity of MTG to watch that the King was parading about stark ass bare.

MTG was labeled an anti-Semite. Irony alert. The identical douchebags who embrace Hamas–a gaggle that requires the elimination of Israel–and name for a tougher stance against Israel now have their lace panties in a bunch as a result of this freedom-loving girl has the cojones to name out their hypocrisy over sporting ineffective face coverings.

However that’s not the true information. Simply do a “duck duck go” search utilizing the phrases “Nancy Pelosi and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Holocaust”. Here’s what you’ll get:

Not a factor about Pelosi. It’s all concerning the fake outrage being expressed by the standard yammering morons inhabiting the Republican swamp. Kevin McCarthy whined:

Marjorie is fallacious, and her intentional determination to match the horrors of the Holocaust with sporting masks is appalling. Let me be clear: the Home Republican Convention condemns this language.

This from the man who’s shacking up with Frank Luntz. The feedback from Mitch McConnel had been simply as despicable.

So allow us to take this incident aside piece by piece.

First, the masks. All masks should not equal. Not one of the masks, together with the extremely touted N95, can stop the Covid-19 virus from getting into your respiratory system. Simply slapping a chunk of cotton throughout your pie-hole might make you’re feeling “safe” however you might be bullshitting your self. If sporting a face masks truly did stop the unfold of the illness I might be the primary to encourage it. But it surely doesn’t, so the sporting of the masks is extra of a spiritual talisman.

Second, if you’re vaccinated you don’t want to put on a masks. You probably have had Covid, you have got the identical sort of anti-bodies generated by a vaccine. Due to this fact, you don’t want to put on a masks. If an un-vaccinated particular person is scurrying about with out a masks they don’t seem to be placing you in danger. So why do you care? If you’re vaccinated or have anti-bodies they’re no danger to you.

Forcing folks to put on masks that don’t have anything to do with precise medical science is a political act for the categorical function of figuring out people who find themselves not vaccinated. Which brings me to the “gold star.”

How did Hitler and the remainder of his Nazi thugs know who the Jews had been? Ugly Nazi propaganda however, which depicted Jews as serpents and vermin (the picture beneath appeared on the quilt of Der Strummer in 1934).


You can not determine who’s a Jew by mere statement. Jews are available in all shapes, colours and sizes. That’s the reason Hitler and his henchmen wanted an figuring out badge. Therefore the Star of David (now for some precise history courtesy of the US Holocaust Museum):

Throughout the Nazi period, German authorities reintroduced the Jewish badge as a key aspect of their plan to persecute and ultimately to destroy the Jewish population of Europe. They used the badge not solely to stigmatize and humiliate Jews but in addition to segregate them and to look at and management their actions. The badge additionally facilitated deportation. . . .

In September 1939, following the German invasion of Poland, particular person German navy and civilian authorities imposed the Jewish badge in sure Polish cities and villages, the primary being decreed within the city of Wloclawek on October 29, 1939. Within the Basic Authorities, View This Time period within the Glossary that a part of Poland instantly occupied by Germany, Governor Basic Hans Frank ordered on November 23, 1939, that every one Jews over the age of ten put on a “Jewish Star”: a white armband affixed with a blue six-sided star, worn over the suitable higher sleeve of 1’s outer clothes. There have been heavy penalties for these caught not sporting it.

The Democrat push for folks to put on masks is to facilitate identification. It has no scientific or medical foundation in reality in defending folks from spreading this virus. However it may be helpful as a software of political coercion.

No regulation has been handed. The injunctions on sporting masks are decrees by political figures. I’ve stopped counting the variety of occasions that I’ve seen a lot of these political figures who demand the peasants put on masks, working round maskless. Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer are two of the extra distinguished masks hypocrites that come to thoughts. They are going to lock you down and lock you up whereas they go occasion. That’s Nazi conduct in my ebook.

The Nazis enslaved and abused tens of millions of individuals primarily based on the whims of their chief. MTG is just calling out the Democrats for compelling common residents to behave in a selected method primarily based on the whims of political masters.

And this goes past the difficulty of coercing mask-wearing. Sure, folks have been arrested and jailed for not sporting a masks. It ain’t regulation nevertheless it will get you set within the slammer. However this abuse of police powers goes past the masks. Individuals proper now are being held in solitary confinement for getting into the U.S. Capitol–i.e., the alleged crime of trespassing. No habeus corpus and no refrain of protest from Republican leaders decrying this violation of Constitutional rights.

God bless MTG. Relatively than deal with her feedback substantively, the mob of brownshirts masquerading because the Democrat institution rely as a substitute on character assassination and bullying. That’s precisely how former thugs reacted when challenged. Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer remind me of Roland Freisler, an notorious Nazi choose recognized for his histrionics.

We perceive it is a delicate topic. So what do you say?

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