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Artworks Orbiting the Pondering of Hannah Arendt

LONDON — In a yr when a lot of the world as we all know it has been on its knees, is it not a daring, if not nearly otherworldly, transfer for a small gallery to dedicate a complete yr of exhibitions to Hannah Arendt, a well-known thinker whose works all of us aspire to learn in depth some day quickly? And why now anyway? We would properly ask. The sequence known as On Hannah Arendt: Eight Proposals for Exhibition at London’s Richard Saltoun Gallery. There is no such thing as a particular peg on which to hold the story. In contrast to the poet Dante, whose greatness we're wildly celebrating all through this yr, she didn't die nearly precisely 700 years in the past. In contrast to the artwork critic John Ruskin, whose greatness we had been all wildly celebrating all thr...