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Vivid recollections of tribesman who fought in Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Previous and frail Akhunzada Bacha Khan, 99, has vivid recollections of his march to Jammu and Kashmir in October 1947 as a part of a tribal drive aiming to liberate the disputed area from its unpopular Hindu ruler. “The Nawab [royal title for sovereign ruler] of Dir introduced jihad [holy war] in opposition to the Hindu ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, who was conspiring in opposition to the Muslim majority,” Khan, a resident of Dir district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Ok-P), mentioned. Three months after India and Pakistan achieved freedom from the British in August 1947, hundreds of tribals from neighbouring North-West Frontier Province (now Ok-P) marched into Muslim majority Jammu and Kashmir to liberate it from the Hindu Dogra ruler Hari Singh. What adopted led to the primary Ind...