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Saylor Reacts To Taunts That Bitcoin Has Change into The MySpace of Crypto

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor responded to a tweet implying that Bitcoin’s days are numbered. In it, the poster likened the main cryptocurrency to MySpace. Saylor answered by saying BTC commerce volumes equal MySpace’s peak valuation each few hours. With some now calling Bitcoin “boomer crypto,” attributable to it being comparatively unexciting in comparison with the others, is there any reality within the MySpace allegations? Is Bitcoin Turning into The MySpace of Crypto? Defending Bitcoin over claims it's turning into irrelevant, Saylor stated the main cryptocurrency had grown quicker than any firm in historical past. He added that Bitcoin towers over MySpace when it comes to valuation. “At its peak, MySpace was valued for a day in a single personal transaction at lower than .06% of ...